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Sometimes people talk to me, sometimes I talk back, sometimes people just talk about me. Whatever the case, it’s probably archived below.

A more inclusive list of Ong’s Hat specific reviews and interviews can be found here





Chapter dedicated to Ong’s Hat in Destinations Across Paranormal America 2  by Hugh Mungus



Transmedia, de la rébellion à la récupération

In Beautiful Dreams – Nurturing narratives and the forgotten potentials of digital culture

Know Your Meme

Ong’s Hat: η πύλη για τις διαστάσεις

Chapter on Ong’s Hat included in Mack Maloney’s Beyond Area 51 (Chapter 9: The Mystery of Ong’s Hat)

Taking Back Transmedia

The Incunabula Catalog Papers, Ong’s Hat at MUFON

The Rise Of The ARG: games™ investigates alternate reality games and what the future has in store for the curious experiment.

Incunabula: XEKLEIDONONTAS THE GATES OF Parallel Universes (Greek) Translation

The Incunabula Papers: WeeWarrior’s Weblog

Ong’s Hat: Piney Ghost Town or Gateway to Another Dimension?

A Hat, a Hut, or a Tavern: The Tale of Ong’s Hat


April Fool’s Day: Witches, aliens and raging bison invade N.J.

Electronic Literature Directory

Connected marketing podcast archive – Joseph Matheny (on Alternate Reality Gaming)


Κατάλογος Incunabula:Διαδυκτιακή Νεομυθολογία ή τρομακτική πραγματικότητα; (Greek)Translation

¿Se acuerdan de Ong’s Hat? (Spanish) Translation

Conscious Contact Through the Mythopoetic Web – Thoughts On Wired Ouija Boards & Liminal Events

Supernatural folklore subject of former Sidney man’s book

Legend-Tripping Online: Supernatural Folklore and the Search for Ong’s Hat Reviewed by The Journal of Folklore Research

Whistleblower Radio with Kerry Cassidy-Youtube: )

Man, Myth, and Forbidden Science

Tower Era Myths : Storming the Audience

Where’s My Tarot: The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Alchemist

The Surprising Online Life of Legends

Ong’s Hat Through the Ages – Dimensional Travel? – (Linked from Knapps’ News and mentioned on Coast to Coast AM 1/15/12)

The Hat, The Egg & the Chaos (Ong’s Hat: Hidden History or Piney Mythology)

Thriving Underground Website Anonymously Markets Illegal Drugs

Legend-Tripping Online: Supernatural Folklore and the Search for Ong’s Hat

Soyons sérieux, jouons! Seriously, let’s play! (5/5) : Le jeu est l’arme de la subversion (5 / 5): The game is the weapon of subversion (Translated from French)

Hijacked Signal

Hidden New Jersey

The Incunabula and the Djinn or how I learned to stop worrying and love transdimesional travel…

Discordianism Linked With Ong’s Hat Cult


Rare Art Films Surface Online – Wall Street Journal

The Emory Cranston, Strange Interview

New World Disorder interview

Don Webb Interviews me for Fringe Ware Review

The following is an excerpt from an interview conducted by David Jay Brown and Rebecca Novack, with Joseph Matheny and ennercore of MediaKaos for Renaissance of Misfits

TAZ 93 Poster

Jam that Spam : John Whalen

Santa Cruz Sentinel: INTERZONE

Jammer: John Whalen (Spin)

San Francisco Bay Guardian

Hacking Memes: Stephen Downes also
First Monday

Strider Magazine

Escape Magazine interview

Digital Producer Magazine
EMedia Professional Magazine
DVD Insider
DVD Report
New Media Magazine
POST Magazine
Millimeter Magazine
DCC Magazine


New Media Hyper Award -1999

DVD Maestro

Media and Technology Interviews

Transforming Filmmaking Through Crowdsourcing – Internet Evolution

Hukilau Brings Slate App to iPad – Movieviral

Hukilau – Changing how film & video is made, distributed & watched – Mobile * Local * Social

Revolutionizing online video – Technoccult

New Service Gives Low-Budget Films, ARGs a Chance– Movie Viral



Source: Hive4Media- B2B Media Magazine May 25, 2001
Format: PDF

Source: Eklipze Magazine,
December 2k
Format: PDF

Source: eMEDIA Pro Magazine, November 2k.
Format: PDF

Source: Revolution Magazine, November 2k.
Format: PDF

Source:YAHOO! Internet Life, Sept, 2k
Format: PDF

Source: IT Manager’s Journal, February 2k.
Format: PDF

Source: DVD Creation Magazine
Februrary 2k,

Source: CBS MarketWatch, November ’99.
Format: HTML

Source: InfoWorld Electronic, November ’99.
Format: PDF

Source: CNet Network, October ’99.
Format: Real
(until CNET figures out what they’re doing with their old show archives here’s a print article on the same story from CNN) also: Here

Source: Mightywords
Format: PDF

1,400 Writers Ink CyberPacts With Fatbrain
Format: HTML


Incunabula- “Garden of Truth”- Part 5 (25 mb.) Joseph Matheny Interview and wrap up.

El Centro- “Garden of Truth”

Joseph Matheny: Ong’s Hat interview- Coast to Coast AM (Art Bell show), November 2000 

An interview with Joseph Matheny, recorded 08-07-03 fromRadio Alchymy- KPFK – Los Angeles. Radio Alchymy (20.9 MB)

WBZC Halloween Show- The Gaglia Archives

Ong’s Hat- smallWorld – Download here

Greylodge-smallWorld – Download here

Alterati/Hukilau- smallWorld- Download here

DP Lost Archives 

Connected Marketing interview with Justin Kirby

I also used to run a little site called Greylodge. You may have heard of it.

Our Greylodge/GSpot kudos:

MSNBC says: “Check out their whole podcasting section, there’s some really good stuff there.

Wall Street Journal says: It’s the latest reflection of an online culture where fans can function as curators of digital entertainment, bypassing libraries and museums with their own collections of music or movies.”

Boing-Boing says: “Greylodge regularly posts links to cool arty stuff on YouTube and Subscribe to their video linkdump RSS feed.”

Ubuweb : “... is pleased to announce our new alliance with the incredible avant-garde resource GreyLodge…

MetaFilter: ” Dang, GLOR gets better every issue.

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