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Los Angeles Film Festival: Official Podcasting Station- Sponsored by Pilotlite

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Los Angeles Film Festival: Official Podcasting Station- Sponsored by Pilotlite


Here’s a few links to audio collections I’m building from panels, talks and conferences I’m recording at the 2009 Los Angeles Film Festival. I have over 30 hours of this type of material recorded so far and will be releasing it all over time on

  • Filmmaker Lunch Talks Los Angeles Times Entertainment Writer John Horn talks to various producers, writers, editors and directors about their filmmaking experiences.
  • Finance Conference Various industry experts and filmmakers talk about the “art of finance” for the independent filmmaker in the current economic climate.

Pilotlite/DPRGRM Bringing Podcasting to LAFF

Los Angeles, CA June 1, 2009–Award wining immersive media artist Joseph Matheny has announced that his companies, Pilotlite and DPRGRM will be producing the official podcast for the 2009 Los Angeles Film Festival. Matheny, with his companies, Metalepsis and DPRGRM pioneered film festival podcasting in 2006, with the first ever “from the floor” podcast with the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.  (Archive link:  The SBIFF podcast produced segments that were picked up by major media sources, like Variety, E! and Starz, putting SBIFF on the map.

“We’re proud to bring the ‘from the carpet and from the floor’ experience to Los Angeles and aim to achieve even better results than we did with the SBIFF” said Matheny. “Piltolite/DPRGRM strives to always be on the cutting edge of the evolving media landscape. We’ll be pushing out audio-video podcasts, click to play, and still image archives of seminars, talks and red carpet events. This will “virtualize” the event for those who attended to revisit their experience, as well as offering a taste for those who might not be able to attend this year, but hope to in the future. Virtualizing events lengthens the “knee” of the bell curve for live events. This will be the first year for a official podcasting station at the LAFF and we’re proud to be breaking ground once again and to be providing a valuable service to the independent film community.” Continue reading