Coincidence Control Network: File #012

This week: A diva dies, Ken loves George Lucas’ polished turds, Marvel screws Ghostrider’s creator, Putin is a  super-villan, Occupy gets taught at college, Is George Noory for a real, Porno just as spicy in India, Busting caps into iPads, Double Fine set a new standard, ACTA protests, and the possible involvement of PNAC?

Personnel - Joseph Matheny,  Kim MonaghanHal Hefner and Ken Eakins.

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Linky Poos

  • Whitney Houston dies - Link
  • Star Wars - Link
  • The strange case of Ghostrider - Link - Link2
  • Putin story - Link
  • Universities are bringing Occupy into the classroom - Link
  • Coast To Coast AM – Is George Noory for real? - Link
  • Porn in India - Link
  • Dad busts a cap into a kids laptop  - Link
  • Crowd-funding goes epic - Link
  • ACTA Protests - Link
  • PNAC links to ACTA, SOPA, and NDAA - Link

Musical Interludes

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