Free Versions of Ong’s Hat: Incunabula

Here’s some free versions of Ong’s Hat for Kindle and as an ePub (for iPad, Nook, Sony Reader, Adobe Dimensions, et al).

If you would like your Kindle edition (free or otherwise) of Ong’s Hat signed it is now on Kindlegraph.

Various formats on Archive.org and  Smashwords where it is still the #2 most downloaded book in the cyberpunk category.

If you want a version for your Kindle or Kindle reader software, you may download the mobi at Archive.org or Smashwords, or buy the Kindle version directly form Amazon.

iPad, iPhone, Android phone to tablet users may want to download the ePub version from Archive.org or Smashwords.

The Zip/ISO of the original CD ROM/eBook can now be downloaded here and the graphic novel here. The other content will be back soon or you may look for other free things on Archive.org like audio, graphic novel, etc.

There is currently an audiobook version slated for release in September of 2014 and a new official print version being prepared for release later in 2014. The current print version on the market is not recommended. 

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